Dry Cleaning, Laundry & Alterations Price List


2 Piece Suit£11.95
3 Piece Suit£15.95
2 Piece Suit (Child)£10.50
3 Piece Suit (Child)£12.50
Waist Coat£5.40
Jacket£7.95 (from)
Coat£12.00 (from)
Canada Goose Jacket£16.00 (from)
Puffer / Feather Jacket£15.00 (from)
Hoodie£7.95 (from)
Dress£10.50 (from)
Evening Dress£20.00 (from)
Skirt£6.90 (from)
Jumper£4.95 (from)
Blouse£5.90 (from)
Cardigan£6.50 (from)
Shirt£3.80 (from)
Scarf£5.50 (from)
School Blazer£6.80 (chest to 34″/86cm)
School Suit£10.50 (chest to 34″/86cm)
T-Shirt£3.50 (from)
Wedding Dress£60.00 (from)
Leather/Suede: jacket£35.00 (from)
Boiler Suits£12.00 (each)
Overcoat: long£14.00 (from)
Hats£6.00 (from)

Service Wash

Washed, Dry & Folded. Each additional Kg is plus £2.90. Drying for self washed is £2 per additional Kg

Service Wash: 4 Kg Bag (up to)£11.50
Service Wash: 6 Kg Bag£16.00
Service Wash: 8 Kg Bag£18.50
Drying: Self Washed (up to 4 Kg)£5.00

Ironing Service

Shirt: press£2.60
Tie: ironing£1.50
T-Shirt: press£2.50
Evening Dress£17.50 (from)
Overcoat: press: long£7.00
Trousers: press£4.00
Jacket: press£4.50
Waist Coat: press£3.00
Bedding Set: 4 items: press£9.50
Dress: press£8.50

Other Services

Watch Battery£5.00
Remote Battery£6.00
Key Cutting (Cylinder)£4.00
Key Cutting (Mortice)£5.00
Footwear: repaired: men£10.00 (from)
Footwear: repaired: women£8.00 (from)
Footwear: cleaned£12.00 (from)
Shoes: polished£6.00 (from)
Bag cleaning£15.00 (from)

Household Laundry

Duvet: Single£12.00
Duvet: Feather: Single£16.00
Duvet: Double£14.00
Duvet: Feather: Double£20.00
Duvet: King Size£18.00
Duvet: Feather: King Size£24.00
Duvet: Super King Size£20.00
Duvet: Feather: Super King Size£26.00
Duvet: Queen Size£24.00
Duvet: Feather: Queen Size£28.00
Blanket: Single£10.00
Blanket: Double£14.00
Blanket: King Size£16.00
Pillow (from)£6.00
Single Duvet Cover£5.95
Double Duvet Cover£7.50
Single sheet£6.50
Double sheet£7.20
King Size sheet£8.95
Curtains (pair from)£35.00
Rug (from) 60″ x 70″£35.00
Single Mattress Protector£12.00
Double Mattress Protector£14.00
King Size Mattress Protector£16.00
Super King Size Mattress Protector£20.00


Higher charge: Original style finishes on trousers.

Jacket: zip: replacement£18.00 (from)
Suit / Jacket / Coat: shortening£20.00 (from)
Suit Jacket: sleaves: shortening£20.00 (from)
Suit Jacket: tapering£18.00 (from)
Waist Coat: tapering£18.00 (from)
Evening Dress / Night Dress: shortning£25.00 from
Trousers: Shortening£10.00 (from)
Trousers: Hem£6.00
Trousers: Zip£12.00 (from)
Trousers: Waist£14.00 (In / Out)
Trousers: Tapering£12.50 (from)
Dresses: shortened£15.00 (from)
Patch:£8.95 (from)
Handbag: repair£12.00 (from)
Handbag: zip£15.00 (from)
Skirts: shortened£9.00 (from)
Curtains: (Metre/Width)£15.00 (min order)